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Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

Google defines the ZMOT as the exact moment when a consumer has a need, intent or question that he or she would like to address through an online search. These questions can be anything from “What detergents are most effective on food stains?” to “What Italian restaurants deliver in my area?” Brands that are available online to answer these questions can gain a huge competitive advantage over brands that don’t.


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Zero Moment of Truth acknowledges that consumers:

  • Perform research on a product before making a purchase
  • Consult a range of information sources before making a purchasing decision (up to 10 or more!)


Why is it important?

ZMOT is a tool. It’s a tool to shape the way we provide information about products or services online.

The bottom line is that the more information you can provide to your customers, hiding or placing product information behind a barrier will only frustrate and turn away an interested buyer.

ZMOT also explicitly recognises that the customer interaction is a long tail interaction – so measuring success through last-click attribution is akin to measuring the performance of a relationship based on the Wedding – there’s a lot more that happens before we get to that point!

Breaking it down with examples


  • Saw ads on TV
  • Received mail at home from a brand manufacturer
  • Saw an ad in a newspaper
  • Read an email received from a brand
  • Noticed ads online

Zero Moment of Truth

  • Searched online with a search engine
  • Talked with friends / family about the product
  • Comparison shopped products online
  • Read product reviews online

First Moment of Truth

  • Looked at the product package in the store
  • Read brochure about the product in the store
  • Talked with a salesperson in the store
  • Looked at signage/display about the product in the store
  • Tried a sample in the product in a store

Tell your story at one point or another.


When customers search, they need to find you and your business.

Battling for visibility in search, google will reward you for developing the content.
Be found, be local, create content.  And lastly, and most important. Get feedback from your customers on the internet.


  • The catalyst for considering a product.

First Moment of Truth

  • The on hands experience with the product at the point of purchase

Second Moment of Truth

  • The experience using the product or service