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Winning the Concrete Business: The Power of Storytelling

Winning the Concrete Business: The Power of Storytelling


In the concrete industry, distinguishing your business from the rest requires more than just quality products. It demands a strategic approach to marketing that leverages the power of storytelling. At Your Brand Voice, we believe that compelling stories can transform the way customers perceive and engage with your brand. Here’s how we helped Kennedy Concrete outshine their competitors using the art of storytelling.

Our approach focused on creating content that wasn’t just about selling but about building a narrative around Kennedy Concrete’s brand. Bryan explains, “We’re gonna tell more stories about things related to their business that are not necessarily selling messages, but that will wrap around the selling message so that we can stick out like a sore thumb.”

We consistently produced and shared content across multiple platforms to ensure they remained top-of-mind for potential customers. So when people jump online, all they see is Kennedy Concrete.

Our storytelling strategy significantly increased Kennedy Concrete’s visibility and customer engagement. By staying consistently in front of their audience with relatable and compelling content, they saw a rise in inquiries and demand.

By focusing on stories that resonate with your audience, you can outshine your competitors and build lasting relationships with your customers.

Ready to tell your story and make your phone ring? Give us a call at Your Brand Voice. We’d love to help you figure out those interesting stories that will capture your customer’s attention and drive your business forward.

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