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Why TikTok Won’t Be Banned in the U.S.: Insights from Bryan Bruce

Why TikTok Won’t Be Banned in the U.S.: Insights from Bryan Bruce


There’s been a lot of chatter about TikTok potentially being banned in the U.S., but let me put those fears to rest—it’s highly unlikely to happen.


For content creators and users alike, the uncertainty can be unsettling, but the reality is that business and economic principles prevail. Consider the hypothetical scenario where you’re the owner of a company valued at $100 billion. Faced with external pressures that could drive your company’s value down to zero, what would you do? The pragmatic choice is to sell, and rest assured, there are plenty of eager buyers in line.


So, what’s the future of TikTok in the U.S.? It’s simple: TikTok will remain, but the flags under which it sails are likely to change. The platform is too valuable and has embedded itself too deeply into our cultural and social fabric to simply disappear. The change we can anticipate is in ownership, moving away from its current Chinese proprietors to perhaps a more U.S.-friendly entity.


The takeaway for all digital marketers and content creators is to continue focusing on crafting engaging content without the cloud of uncertainty. TikTok’s journey may evolve, but our strategies and goals remain steadfast.


Keep creating, keep engaging, and let’s ride the waves of change together.


Bryan Bruce

Founder, Your Brand Voice

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