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We create and manage media to engage the right audiences, at the right time, with relevant messages. We use the freshest data available to understand and meet your constituents where they stand today.

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Marketing that revolutionizes local politics

With nearly 20 years of experience in digital media and digital media strategy, Bryan Bruce and Your Brand Voice has helped hundreds of organizations throughout the United States, ranging from small business to multi-million dollar companies. As Digital Director for several local political campaigns, YBV has helped build the most sophisticated marketing operation that local politics has ever seen.

Your Brand Voice and his team have overseen more than 2 million dollars in media and marketing budgets across both digital and traditional platforms. Utilizing this experience, the Your Brand Voice team works with organizations across all industries to create and implement innovative solutions to win campaigns, grow revenue and help businesses succeed.

Political Marketing Example

Victoria Bruce is a Florida Native and University of Central Florida Graduate who successfully ran for Winter Springs Commissioner District 2. Victoria partnered with Your Brand Voice to amplify her message, leading to a successful campaign and her election for the position.

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Our strategies will grow your campaign cost effectively.


Building a world class website is the easiest way to put yourself in contention for any political campaign. Your website can serve as the face of your campaign, so streamlining its presentation will immediately impress potential voters and give you a better opportunity to gain attention. Our deliberate design decisions will allow you to effectively present your platform, your values, and your reasons for running.


Today’s online world is dominated by video. Video not only resonates better with the audience, but it is the preferred method of content distribution on social platforms. In fact, when brand awareness and reach are the main objective, video campaigns perform 75% better than non video campaigns. Running for office is all about getting in front of your community and telling your story. Your Brand Voice will make you look great.


By focusing on data-driven political advertising, you can ensure that your message is not only hitting the right voter audiences, but it also allows you to target and build different audiences within your political district. Knowing your audience allows you to build messaging frequency creating what we call ad recall lift. The more ad recall lift we can obtain, the better chance voters will remember your name, image and likeness when it comes time to fill in the ballot.


When you decide to run for office, you will quickly need to build a local voter database. Gathering this data from different sources and using it to target your messaging using digital ads is key, but email marketing continues to be one of the most valuable online marketing techniques available today. Your Brand Voice will help you build your database, structure your emails to ensure they are opened, and create an automation plan to ensure you are the most visible candidate in the voters email inbox.

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It’s like having an entire team running your marketing 24/7.

Learn how a data-driven marketing strategy using Your Brand Voice can fuel your brand’s growth and efficiency.

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