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Smart Strategies For Selling Concrete Online

How Digital Marketing is Transforming the Concrete Sales Landscape

WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA, USA, August 31, 2023 / —

In an era where the phone and internet are fast replacing traditional methods of business, the concrete industry is undergoing significant changes. Historically, this sector thrived on relationships and direct supplier-buyer interactions. However, the recent concrete shortages, coupled with a proliferation of contractors for smaller jobs, have elevated the internet as an essential sales tool. Here are some strategies for modernizing your concrete sales process:

1. Launch an SEO-Optimized Website

Create an educational website optimized for search engine ranking. Your website should inform prospective customers about the variety of concrete you offer and the services provided. Include a contact page for quote requests and queries, along with a straightforward “Order Now” button.

2. Embrace Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are invaluable for promoting your brand and engaging with customers. Share posts about your concrete products, emphasize the importance of quality, and consistently upload videos to share your company’s story.

3. Execute Targeted Digital Ad Campaigns

Utilize customer data to run highly targeted ad campaigns, focusing on users with a history of purchasing concrete. Leverage video watch time as an audience builder and employ both traditional search campaigns for terms like “concrete calculator” and “concrete delivery near me,” as well as newer strategies like Performance Max.

The Digital Storefront: A Double-Edged Sword

Ordering concrete has evolved from in-person dealings to telephone orders and now to online purchases. This digital transformation reduces call center dependence, lowering overhead and minimizing wait times. However, setting up an online storefront is not without challenges. The diversity in concrete mixes, strength levels, and color options, along with varying delivery methods, make it complex.

Our Solution: Your Brand Voice

We specialize in connecting the dots to help our clients increase online and telephone concrete sales. Our strategic mix of digital ads aims to maximize reach, calls, and click-to-orders.

Services We Offer:

  • Website design and development
  • UX/UI services
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer profiling
  • Analytics and insights
  • Optimization
  • Interactive PDFs

From customer onboarding to order completion, we offer comprehensive automation solutions to streamline concrete companies’ operations and boost sales.

Key Performance Indicators Over the Last 12 Months for Our Concrete Supplier Clients:

  • Sales increased by $7 million YoY, a nearly 40% improvement.
  • Over 11 million brand impressions in a single market.
  • Over 8.4 million video plays across social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Generated more than 118,000 clicks with an average click cost under $1.00.
  • Average sale value of $2,349.

The Bottom Line:

Our marketing costs represent less than 1% of our clients’ overall sales while still sustaining YoY growth. This efficiency highlights the transformative power of digital marketing in the concrete industry.

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