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Digital Marketing Strategies Behind the Successful Campaign of Victoria Colangelo for Winter Springs City Commissioner

Digital Marketing Strategies Behind the Successful Campaign of Victoria Colangelo for Winter Springs City Commissioner

WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA, USA, January 17, 2023 / —

Political marketing strategies have began shifting from physical to digital due to the increasing use of technology and the internet by voters. Effective digital marketing allows politicians to reach voters where they are, on the devices they use every day, and to target their messages to specific groups of voters based on their interests and demographics. Digital marketing is more cost-effective and efficient than physical marketing methods and it all starts with building a brand online.

Back in June, Victoria Colangelo, a successful businesswoman and owner of The Mitigation Banking Group, announced her campaign to run for the Winter Springs City Commissioner District 2 Seat. Colangelo called upon digital marketing firm Your Brand Voice to assist her campaign.

Your Brand Voice’s digital marketing strategy for Colangelo’s campaign included creating early and posting frequent blog posts focused on key issues facing Winter Springs. The website received over 23,000 visitors, acted as a hub for all campaign information and provided voters with a way to learn more about Victoria and her vision for the future of the Winter Springs. In addition, Your Brand Voice set up a Google MyBusiness listing that linked to the campaign website, which helped Victoria’s campaign show up in Google search results and made it easier for voters to find and access information about her campaign.

Social media played a key role in Victoria’s campaign strategy, with regular updates and engagement on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Your Brand Voice also created a series of campaign videos in multiple formats, including vertical video, which saw the highest engagement due to the popularity of Shorts, Reels, and Stories on social media. As a result of these efforts, Your Brand Voice and Victoria Colangelo created 48 campaign videos which gained over 200,000 YouTube views. By posting these videos and engaging with followers on social media, Colangelo was able to reach 141,937 people on Facebook and 58,921 people on Instagram.

Email marketing was another important component of the campaign strategy, with targeted campaigns aimed at reaching specific demographics. Your Brand Voice also varied the format of the emails, switching between text-based messages and YouTube embeds to appeal to different constituents. Through these efforts, the campaign was able to send out 265,000 emails.

Colangelo’s campaign made a concerted effort to engage with constituents through events such as weekly coffee talks and Saturday outings, which provided opportunities for voters to speak with Victoria directly and learn more about her campaign. By collecting contact information at these events, Your Brand Voice was able to advertise the campaign to the right voters and drive further engagement. Overall, the digital marketing strategy employed by Your Brand Voice was successful in building Victoria’s campaign online, reaching a large audience, and driving engagement with voters. On November 8th, Colangelo was elected to serve as Winter Springs City Commissioner District 2, a victory which came over the previous eight-year incumbent.

About Your Brand Voice: Your Brand Voice is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida. With over 30 years of marketing experience, we provide top-quality marketing services to brands around the world. Our team specializes in data-driven marketing strategies, using insights from across different platforms and channels to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. By integrating these insights together, we are able to fuel your brand’s growth and efficiency like an entire team working for you 24/7. For more information or to request a demo, please visit

About Victoria for Winter Springs: Victoria Colangelo has lived in Winter Springs for 15 years. Colangelo is a passionate advocate about preserving our water and wetlands. She has a vision for what Winter Springs can be and the experience to preserve what makes Winter Springs a great place to live. For more information about Victoria Colangelo, please visit

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