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About Target Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing today is the exact targeting that we as marketers are able to accomplish.

This precision targeting if handled properly, can reduce costs and increase return on your marketing investments.  This is due to how today, a huge portion of our digital communications are done via mobile devices. Because of that, targeting users has never been easier!  Couple this tracking capability with the reality that most users engage their social media on mobile devices, means location based marketing a huge opportunity for any business!

So what are some specific benefits of location based targeting?

Location targeting allows marketers to advertise to people based on their location, which can be as broad as a country, or as specific as a town within a city.

We can then use this tool to assist in most advertising objectives. So for example, if your objective is to increase store visits, we can use business location targeting to reach people in a specific radius around your restaurants, shops or dealerships.

Refining your audience

In order for this targeting to be effective, we’ll start by refining your audience based on which people would be most interested in your business.

The choices for audiences within a location are:

  • Everyone in this location (default): This option allows you to reach people whose home or most recent location is within the selected area. You might want to advertise large fairs or high-profile sporting events, for example, to everyone in a location.  This is very important in markets like Orlando and Las Vegas.
  • People who live in this location: This includes people whose home is within the selected area.  You might want to advertise a local retail store, for example, to people who live in a location.  This is key strategy for “farming” a small community.
  • People recently in this location: With this option, we are reaching people whose most recent location is within the selected area. You might want to advertise time sensitive sales, for example, to people recently in the location you choose.
  • People traveling in this location: This includes people traveling in the selected area as determined by their device and connection information that Facebook collects. You might want to advertise your business, for example, to people traveling in a location for business that may not be familiar with the area.

Choosing locations

Next, we can type locations into the Type to add more locations field. You can type in locations like:

  • Countries (up to 25)
  • States
  • Provinces
  • Cities (up to 250)
  • Congressional districts
  • ZIP or post codes (up to 2,500)

You don’t even need to know the names of the cities you’re targeting. We can find high-population areas for you!

Most objectives will let you target:

  • Worldwide (type in ‘Worldwide’)
  • Free trade areas (ex: ‘EEA’ for the European Economic Area)
  • Regions (ex: ‘Asia’)
  • Other areas (ex: ‘iTunes app store countries’, ‘Emerging markets’, ‘Euro area’)

Learn more about Your Brand Voice’s services.

Radius targeting

We can also drop a pin on a map and target ads to people within a certain radius of the pin (see below for more information).

If you need to target many locations, we can even bulk upload them.

When targeting an address, city/town or “pin drop,” a targeting radius is involved. It indicates how far outside that location we’ll look for people to show your ad to.


If you want to learn more about how we can hyper target your perfect audience, please give us a call.

Bryan Bruce