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Social Media Customer Service

Today, more and more people are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and various review sites to express their disappointment of the service provided by many restaurants, retail stores, and service providers. However, many of these business do not have the time nor the knowledge on how to effectively manage their online reputation.

In today’s world information is provided to us in real time which means customers are expecting a solution when they want it. By utilizing these listening tools paired with the right process, service providers will be able to successfully provide social media customer service.

Step#1: Utilize Hootsuite.
Hootsuite, an online social media dashboard tool, allows users to “listen” to multiple social profiles and respond to them in real time. With listening, users of Hootsuite may notified when a displeased customer is speaking about their brand via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is especially valuable because it allows service providers to respond and react in real time in order to provide the proper solution for their customers.

Step#2: Hire the right team.
Whether you have the budget to hire and train an entire social media command center or outsource your social media support team, it is imperative you hire the right team to continue to listen to complaints and requests throughout the entire day. Remember,social media isn’t just 9-5, but 24/7.

Step#3: Continue to be active on Social Media.
Once a company has built a successful brand online, it is important that the company remains active on Social Media. This is important because it allows your followers or fans know that you are accessible via social media. Most brands are afraid of answering to complaints, but once people see that your company response and reacts quickly, it will easily change their perception of your brand in a positive light.

At the end of the day, social presence for a brand is an invaluable asset that fosters loyalty and creates lifelong customers for a brand. With the right pieces put into place, a small business can succeed through growth of this loyal customer base while keeping advertising costs low and impressions on the rise.

Miguel de la RosaMiguel de la Rosa
Your Brand Voice
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