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Team up with Social Athletes for live event coverage, and your fans far and wide will hear the roar of the crowd.

You put major effort into planning your events. From sporting events and conferences to festivals and performances, you manage every detail to create an unforgettable experience for those who attend.

The collective energy that builds at events can inspire a deeper love for your organization. Social Athletes take the lead on social event coverage, gathering and sharing up-close-and-personal content from the bleachers, backstage, and the field — everywhere the magic is happening — in real time.


Social event coverage offers people unable to attend an opportunity to see what they’re missing — and inspires them to experience your next event in person.

It also gets live fans engaged in social sharing of their own, exponentially expanding your virtual reach.

Let Social Athletes dominate the social conversation before, during and after your events. Dress them up or down — from black-ties to hard-worn jerseys — and they’ll make you shine in person and online.

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