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Leading Facebook Groups During Crisis

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Today I am excited to have two very special guests join me on our Your Brand Voice live broadcast.  These two people have created Facebook groups that have grown very quickly over the last few months.  Their efforts have given many people another place for news outside of the mainstream media.  In a time when people don’t know what to believe, these Facebook groups have helped ease the minds and souls of so many people in our industry and beyond.  


My first guest is Cerissa Miller, the Creator of Hospitality Family Group.  A Facebook group that has hit 51,827 hospitality industry workers in a very short time.  Cerissa, who has spent her career in hotels, launched the Hospitality Family Facebook Group at the start of the pandemic.  It has become a tremendous support center for people in the hospitality industry, which has been hit so hard by COVID. We will talk about what her group has done to support the hospitality industry, including her recent charitable effort!  


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Our second guest is Dr. Frank Douglas.  Dr. Frank is the creator of the Dr. Franks Models Facebook group.  He is a Scientist, Inventor and Entrepreneur and Math and Science Chair at The Schilling School for Gifted Children.  He created the Dr. Frank Models Facebook group to track Covid-19 Models for the United States and other Countries.  Dr. Frank He has over 50 scientific publications, and is internationally regarded as an expert in Auger spectroscopy.  He created his group by chance.  After helping his school determine if it was to travel for school trips in early March, he was soon being asked to do different models for different travel locations around the country.  As he was getting asked more he created a Facebook account to document his research.  His personal page quickly hit the 5,000 friend limit.  It was then, with the help of friends, he decided to create the Dr. Franks Models Facebook group.  The group now has over 23,058 fans and Dr. Frank has since modeled every state in the country and works tirelessly to keep up with all the new data.  What is very interesting about Dr. Frank, is that he has isolated himself from the media since the outbreak began.  He believes in order to provide an unbiased view of the situation, he must avoid the mainstream media and simply focus on the data.  The data he uses in his models is derived 100% from each state’s official website.  We will talk with Dr. Frank about why he created his group and what his research has found.


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