SeaWorld Orlando

Developed a 60 day social marketing campaign to increase engagement across social & mobile environments that directly contribute to consumer based SeaWorld top-of mind awareness and vacation package sales.

December 12, 2013

SeaWorld Orlando came to us with a goal to sell more long term vacation packages.  After doing a little research we noticed that the vacation package pages of were getting great traffic but simply were not getting the purchases they needed to reach their goals.  We decided to establish a remarketing campaign which allowed us to show ads to users who’ve previously visited their website as they browsed the Web researching vacations.

We tagged pages of SeaWorld’s site that correspond to certain vacation packages we wanted to promote more heavily.  From there we were able to retarget users to achieve higher conversions by combining other targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics, or keyword campaigns.  In the end we were able to increase package sales by 20% year over year.

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