Memoirs of a YBV Intern

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While being a content creator for various golf brands I noticed a few things when it comes to the golf industry and some of its brands. The first one is just a feel/intuition, but I thought that the majority of the market for golfing resorts mainly consists of men. I’m not meaning to generalize, but the majority of men aren’t necessarily quick to reply or feel compelled to interact with an identity beyond their comfort zone. So, that was somewhat difficult to get over.

Another thing was engagement from other social media users was key. I looked at the given research from Alan that showed what possible users to interact with on Twitter and I found that to be extremely helpful. I would typically check out the other organization’s Twitter profile, past tweets (to see what voice they had), and website. This helped me relate my brand to their brand when interacting with them. Most of the time I got a mention or at least a favorite from the handle I interacted with.

A struggle concerning the brands’ voice was that most of them were golf resorts where there tends to be more formalities. So, it was somewhat difficult for me to find a balance of a proper voice and speaking in a relaxed, vernacular voice. This might have been due to me not being able to experience each resort and observe how they carry themselves and how customers interact with them.
This brings up another thing I realized while making content for brands; users love cultured content. Obviously sales and offers perform very well on social media, but having content that people can relate does just as well or better. For example, Miguel posted a photo of a brand’s employee’s work anniversary. Since customers probably knew him and everyone relates to the appreciated commitment of staying at a particular business, the post performed extremely well in comparison to other posts.

In summary, I greatly appreciated my time at YBV because I learned a lot about social through experience. The nature of the digital marketing industry is incredibly high paced because people use social media in real-time, making it difficult to keep up at times. One of the biggest struggles was to adapt to my work during school. It was extremely helpful that I could do the internship from any location since I was remote, but since there wasn’t much training it took a little longer than I wanted to become efficient. That’s what I expect from a startup, though; picking up and running with it while learning as you go. So, it hasn’t only taught me things about social media, but also how to work in a very fast-paced work environment.

– Ben Ramseier

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On September 2, 2014

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