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We have a reputation for quality and excellence which is demonstrated with our selective and strategic client base. Your Brand Voice is led by a team of seasoned professionals with a wide array of experience in hospitality and marketing. [hr]

Bryan Bruce

bryan[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

CEO & Founder

Bryan was introduced to the exciting world of hospitality at age 6 years old when his father was hired as one of the Marketing Executives to launch the EPCOT Center. Since then Bryan has had a passion for hospitality that now spans more than 15 years. Bryan is the founder of Your Brand Voice Inc., a hospitality Internet marketing group based in Orlando. [/threecol_two_last] [hr]

Patrick Bruce

patrick[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

Chief Idea Officer

As a lifelong marketing executive for such household names like Disney, McDonald’s and Red Lobster, Patrick Bruce has seen it all! He is the guru or man behind the curtain at Your Brand Voice Inc. We challenge our clients to find a more detailed and thorough marketing research analyst who knows that marketing on the Internet is where it is at. [/threecol_two_last] [hr]


Paul Bruce

alan[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

Project Manager & Co-Founder

Paul Bruce delivers an uncommon blend of marketing, technology and business development skills combined with a passion for results driven marketing. An executive with almost 20 years of multi-industry experience, Mr. Bruce has worked with both small and large public and private companies in regards to their traditional, digital and social media marketing needs. [/threecol_two_last] [hr]


Steve Hill

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Account Executive

Steve is a hospitality leader with 15+ years of experience in both sales and operations for brands like Marriott, Waldorf-Astoria/Hilton, Starwood and Gaylord Entertainment. He is a Division II Collegiate Football standout with All-Conference and All ECAC honors who now spends free time with 2 year old son, Keagan John. [/threecol_two_last] [hr] [threecol_one]


Joe Duff

joeduff[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last] [threecol_one]

Board Advisor

Joe has worked in Television and Radio Sales Management with two Industry Leaders, CBS and Cox Television. He has also worked in Sports Marketing for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Detroit Pistons. Joe is very adept at establishing and developing Long Term Client Relationships. He enjoys uncovering client needs and creating High Visibility Marketing and Advertising Solutions. [/threecol_two_last] [hr]


Safia Hatcher



Project Manager

Currently, Safia is a Project Manager at YBV. She has extensive skills with social media management, graphic design, and digital strategy. She has worked personally with many brands and individuals nationwide developing successful digital strategies. Safia holds a B.S. in Media Communications from Full Sail University. [hr]


Brandon Vasquez

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Social Media Marketing Manager

Brandon got his first taste of marketing at the ripe age of 19, and he has been hooked ever since! He has done consulting for major resorts and most recently was the Director of Marketing for one of America’s most beloved brands, Chick-fil-A. When Brandon isn’t hard at work, he’s probably tinkering with his watch collection, driving a fast sports car, or shooting one of his guns! [/threecol_two_last] [hr]


Tyler Lodzinski

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Tyler graduated from The University of Central Florida with a degree in Film, and a minor in Mass Communication, and now joins Your Brand Voice as a Videographer. Tyler picked up his first video camera at the age of 11 and hasn’t been able to put it down since. With over 11 years of experience in video production and editing, his passion began growing up shooting skateboarding videos and has evolved to encompass all areas of media production. These projects have helped Tyler develop a unique style and creative vision that he brings into each and every edit. [/threecol_two_last] [hr]


Amanda DiPrato

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Content Specialist

Growing up in Orlando, Amanda has become extremely passionate about Hospitality and Marketing. She is a 2017 alumna of Florida State University with a degree in Public Relations, and a minor in Hospitality Management. As a previous public relations intern and secretary of the Florida Public Relations Tallahassee Student Chapter, Amanda has developed a love for all things writing and social media. [/threecol_two_last] [hr]


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[/threecol_two_last]  [threecol_two_last]


Your Brand Voice maintains a close strategic partnership with MSM, a digital marketing agency located in Rochester, Michigan. They specialize in effective marketing solutions that span the digital spectrum including social, mobile, and the Internet.

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Josh Moser

josh[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

CEO & Founder

Josh has been building web-based applications for more than a decade, providing organizations with a unique blend of technical creativity and acute business acumen. Josh has a wide range of technical expertise and digital marketing agency experience that span multiple industries. He earned his MBA in 2010. When Josh isn’t in front of his three computer monitors or tethered to his iPad, he enjoys taking his kids to rock concerts around the country, painting, and traveling to warm exotic places (as long as they have Wi-Fi).[/threecol_two_last] [hr] [threecol_one]

Becca Reichenbach

becca-msm[/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]

Social Media Manager

Becca is a senior Creative Writing major at Oakland University. Her job at MSM is allowing her to hone her editing skills and to better understand the world of digital marketing. You can find her sitting quietly at the computer, researching and typing until her fingers fall off. When she’s not writing and editing for MSM, she’s teaching creative writing to children at a local non-profit, staying heavily involved in organizations at OU, and watching online television until the wee hours.[/threecol_two_last] [hr]

 Past Interns

Hayley Zimmerman
Melissa Garcia
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Gabi Roach
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Ben Ramsier
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Tess Woods
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Annmarie Weidenbenner
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Logan Pollaro
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Juanita Chavarro
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Regina Kaza
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