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Bryan Bruce


CEO & Founder

Bryan was introduced to the exciting world of hospitality at age 6 years old when his father was hired as one of the Marketing Executives to launch the EPCOT Center. Since then Bryan has had a passion for hospitality that now spans more than 15 years. Bryan is the founder of Your Brand Voice Inc., a hospitality Internet marketing group based in Orlando.

Patrick Bruce


Chief Idea Officer

As a lifelong marketing executive for such household names like Disney, McDonald’s and Red Lobster, Patrick Bruce has seen it all! He is the guru or man behind the curtain at Your Brand Voice Inc. We challenge our clients to find a more detailed and thorough marketing research analyst who knows that marketing on the Internet is where it is at.

Miguel De La Rosa


Digital Marketing Manager

Miguel has a degree in marketing from Indiana State University’s Scott College of Business with Magna Cum Laude Honors. He has worked for large brands such as Apple Inc. and Disney. He is currently a member of Team YBV, although once just an intern, and now handles anything from social media management, graphic design, to video production.

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On February 27, 2013

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